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Helping our ‘young treasures’ to develop the joy for learning

Dear moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grans,

African Youth Ignited understands that some of our ‘babas’ may experience challenges with learning from home, and today we would like to share the following practical tips to help in this regard. Shunning the snare of idleness . . .

AYI4ir could not agree more with Becton Loveless position on the fact that “Children who develop a love of reading, develop a love for learning. Children who struggle with reading, struggle with learning.” For this reason, please take note on the below collage of pictures and note practical ways we can make learning a second nature for our geniuses.

Becton continues to reinforce that “While the classroom will likely be the primary source of instruction, intellectual, social and academic growth should extend outside the walls of the classroom”. To help us get more equipped in helping our children to develop the joy for reading which should lead to improved learning abilities, please explore further what DEAR has to say on this link.

Watch here what our Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has to say about the inborn intelligence of every human (kids in particular) here. This is aligned to AYI4ir’s ideals of ‘igniting young minds!

Today’s links for CAPS aligned online lessons can be found at the same place as shared yesterday here.

Warm Regards from,

Coding and Robotics for children and youth.

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