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AYI CEO at the LeadersIn Africa Summit 0n 13 November 2023

We are honored to have our CEO engage with global leaders in a Round Table at the Africa Tech Festival to discuss;

How Tech Innovation is Helping African Governments Unlock Socioeconomic Development

Delivered in Partnership with The Tony Blair Institute’s Tomorrow Partnership

"This curated roundtable explores this critical theme with African government representatives, regulators and enterprise leaders.

The technological revolution is the central issue of our age. It disrupts how everything works today, from health and education through to energy and finance. This presents profound challenges and opportunities for leaders, but too often the debate around technology is focused on narrow short-term issues rather than the wider long-term implications. The leaders willing to grasp this complexity will be those who shape the future.

The Tomorrow Partnership is the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change’s work to broker relationships between government and leading tech organisations and innovators to deliver practical benefits for nations and people. Technology continues to redefine and reimagine how we live our daily lives. Tomorrow will belong to those who responsibly to harness the power of technology for the good of all people. " Africa Tech Festival, 2023

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