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Girls in Robotics (GiR)

Girls In Robotics African Youth Ignited 4ir.  Mentoring African girls in STEM, and empowring them with leadership skills
Girls In Robotics African Youth Ignited 4ir

It is a 10-month African Youth Ignited initiative aimed at introducing girls from marginalized communities to the fields to STEM careers through Mentorship, robotics and Coding, Olympiads, and other digital skills.


Get more African girls at a basic education level interested in STEM careers. 

Increase the number of girls enrolling in STEM education streams at the university level.

Mentor and support girls to translate digital skills into monetization/ entrepreneurship.

How we work: 

Local schools provide AYI with girls who are then enrolled in project-based team learning where they are nurtured to find their match in the adventurous careers in STEM fields.  Girls attend weekly three-hour workshops and participate in Hackathons/ Competitions in tech and robotics. They also periodically connect with global women mentors and industry experts. 

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