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Saturdays are about to filled with so much fun learning @ AYI4ir!

"Kids are learning to CODE, but most importantly - they are CODING to learn." Mitchel Resnick, SCRATCH developer.

Our learners have been learning about VARIABLES, OPERATORS, STORYTELLING, GAME DEVELOPMENT, ANIMATION, COLLABORATION, IDENTIFYING and FIXING BUGS, SHOW DESIGN and DEVELOPMENT through our free online CODING lessons twice a week for the past few months. The level of dedication, engagement, creativity and collaboration - has been quite inspirational. Our online lessons are often filled with a lot of peer-to-peer teaching, constructive feedback, a lot of aha moments, and a large dose of humor 'coded' in threads of code! "No better way to spend our time" - say our advanced learners.

Now it is back to school for some of our learners. To allow them to focus on their classroom work, we have decided to move our FREE online coding lessons to Saturdays at 10hr30 (for Beginners) and 11hr30 CAT (for Intermediate and Advanced) classes.

A glimpse into what our 8 - 13 year old innovators have been creating with SCRATCH, check out this interactive game created with CODE (SCRATCH) by one of our 11 year olds:-)

Enrollments are still open on our website.

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