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NASA Administrator's Senior Advisor Mr. Younes visit Girls in Robotics

"NASA believes in the value of collaborations. This is why we are here in South Africa to work with our colleagues at SANSA". When Mr. Younes talked about a shared #spaceeconomy, our girls' ears stood up to listen carefully to how advancements in space exploration could mean for them and their future as South Africans.

It is important that our #girlsinrobotics see the value of learning MATHS & SCIENCE. Because it can open unimaginable opportunities for them and ensures that #equalityanddiversity is sustained.

A big thank you to @American Consulate Cape Town for the extensive support they continue to provide to us. This makes the journey to global citizenship for our girls much more enjoyable and clear.

@SANSA NASA - National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationThe National Research Foundation of South Africa (NRF) @West Riding Primary @Milnerton Primary @Tygerhof Primary, @Sinenjongo High, Kids Innovate Africa - Robotics with NeurodiverseNatasha Chinyemba

Thanks to our team at @African Youth Ignited 4ir for exceptional cordination for this full day event.

Check it out here:

#girlsinstem #girlsintech #unwomen #unicef #stemeducationforall #inclusivespaceeconomy #spacescience

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