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Meet our Sustainability & Youth Development Expert!

Nabila el Fazazi (Morocco) has joined our Advisory Board to guide our executive team in their strategic approach to empowering South Africa's unemployed youth at AYI4ir with invaluable entrepreneurship skills.

With a Master's in Business Administration from the International University of Japan and a Bachelor's in network and telecommunication from the National School of Applied Sciences in Morocco, Nabila brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our initiative. Her track record of collaborating with NGOs and professional clubs, coupled with her representation of youth communities at global summits, highlights her dedication to driving positive change.

As a small business consultant with extensive experience in entrepreneurship development, particularly in rural areas, Nabila understands the unique challenges faced by unemployed youth. Her expertise in cross-functional IT management further equips her to provide comprehensive support and guidance.

Nabila's visionary project, Wasteless Fashion Circle, exemplifies her innovative approach to tackling societal issues. By promoting circular behavior in the fashion industry, she not only addresses environmental concerns but also fosters entrepreneurial thinking among our youth.

With Nabila on board, AYI4ir will be on a positive trajectory, with its unique approach of helping youth to translate their digital skills into monetization, and in connecting our team and youth to opportunities that aligns to the United Nations' SDG8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth.

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