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International Day of Girls and Women in Science with Dr. Alondra

We are thankful to Dr. Alondra for taking time out of her busy schedule to inspire our girls, school leaders, science educators, and coaches towards Science as part of our celebration of the 202 4 United Nations International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

Recognizing that resource scarcity is a lived experience for many learners in Africa, Dr. Alondra encouraged the girls to use resources that are readily available in their communities to learn science. Something that came through during our 2023 Africa Day celebration with young African leaders in STEM.

In her introduction, our GiR Teen President Ashley talked about how important it is to have more girls pursuing science in school.

We had over 150 attendees, the majority of whom are from our Girls in Robotics (GiR) initiative connecting from across South Africa and other African countries on 9 February 2023.

It was refreshing to have the local Department Of Basic Education SA  in attendance. This demonstrates the South African Government's willingness to recognize the value that organizations such as African Youth Ignited contribute to critical skills development, starting where it matters the most - #grassroots level.

To learn more about Dr. Alondra and her transformative work in the field of Science and Technology, please check her website.

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