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Increasing the attention span for improved learning experience

Dear moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grans,

If you have been doing your best to support your child’s learning at home and for some reasons the he/she is not interested, please do not despair – you are not alone! Most of our parents and guardians have felt and still feel that way.

Unlike our homes, the school environment is designed and structured to encourage learning.And, having been at home for a month has for most of us started to feel like a vacation.It is important to note that without the school structure and the support, our babas may feel lost, confused, and disoriented, and thus experience even less drive to engage in their work – including to concentrate.So, in shunning the snare of idleness and keeping our ‘think tanks’ maintained while at home, we will explore these practical activities some parents found useful;

Links for some break time fun: Online board games and other grade-aligned games by ; Digital explorations: exploring the real surface of Mars, Great Wall of China.

Please also allow your kids to dance their way to muscles exercises and to maintaining mental health.

Today’s links for CAPS aligned online lessons can be found the same place as yesterday on this link.

Warm Regards from,

Coding and Robotics for children and youth.

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