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Dear moms and dads,

Hoping our future world leaders have enjoyed the long weekend and are ready to continue giving a good exercise to their brains! Shunning the snare of idleness . . .

We have heard last week from our President Mr. Ramaphosa about the two-week extension to the National Lockdown to ensure the infection rate is kept flat. AYI4ir welcomes this announcement which ensures the safety of South Africans, and recommend both the senior level students and keen parents to try out this free course to earn new skills:

Machine Learning course available on this link. Although it started yesterday, it’s available and recommended for senior high scholars, university level students or those already in circular jobs. Hoping you’d rally your friends and family to enjoy the learning together😊!

Our school learners should please continue their basic learning on the digital platforms we shared previously: ZA Department of Basic Education, the Khan Academy and Audio books.

CAPS-aligned lessons are available via ZOOM on this link.

Have a hearty laugh as you get reminded of what fellow humans around the globe are doing to keep safe from COVID-19 here.

Warm Regards from,

Coding and Robotics for children and youth.

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