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Animation and Video-editing skills for children

Dear moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grans,

We are thankful to be present in the new week amidst the continued national lockdown, and we are looking forward to being truly present as the days unfolds!

This week we are focusing on developing entrepreneurial skills, and in particular – developing video editing and animation skills for our children and youth. It goes without a doubt that, “harnessing the power of a child’s imagination is not always easy” (Kalman: 2019). However, we believe that by allowing kids access to the right tools and skills - it is possible to ignite their intelligence to action.

Our young programmers enjoyed creating animation and stories using code with us during computer class in the first term. Developing further on those learnings, we are sharing the following exciting digital tools for those with interest in animation and video editing fields to explore and build a good foundation for their skills.

Whether through a mobile device or a computer, editing videos or creating animations are some of the interactive activities that help our babas to become avid storytellers and or preservers of family memories. Please download the following for them; VideoScribe and Toontastic for animation, Animotica and Filmora for video editing and movie making.

For this week’s links for CAPS aligned online lessons, please connect to Microsoft Teams on this link.

Our school learners should please continue their basic learning on the digital platforms we shared previously: ZA Department of Basic Education, the Khan Academy and Audio books.

We are excited to be offering free coding lessons online during the lockdown, and we would like to encourage you to please register your child(ren) to join us on Friday, 24 April 2020 for an hour’s lesson by registering them on this link.

Warm Regards from,

Coding and Robotics for children and youth.

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