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African Youth Ignited 4IR

Igniting Young Minds!

We are a non-profit company based in Cape Town. We are on an exciting mission to 'ignite young minds', by giving them opportunities to use their inborn intelligence to create, innovate and inspire with the skills of Coding and Robotics!

We acknowledge the vast learning capacity of developing minds, and we believe that as much as they have a lot to learn about life, they have a lot to teach about the skill of learning!

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"Opening your child up to the vistas and experiences that life has to offer might easily be the best thing you can do for him. But the real magic happens when he starts to realize that he can open up these opportunities by himself. All parents should get to unlock this realization in their own child one day—it might be more rewarding that you think" D Stephens

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"Embrace 4IR to address poverty, inequality and unemployment" President Cyril Ramaphosa

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