What We Do

Our primary focus is on Robotics and Coding training for children and youth in Africa. However, due to changes brought by Covid-19, we are now also offering Computer Literacy training and Tutoring. 


Weekdays & Sunday:

Our Coding lessons are offered with a block-based visual programming language. Our learners can design and develop their own interactive stories, games, shows, and animations using code on different online platforms - including SCRATCH.


Your child will learn computational thinking and concepts such as Debugging (problem-solving skills), Algorithm (logical thinking), Variables and Operators (Mathematical concepts), and many more skills including Design thinking and collaboration.

Our free online lessons offered as a way to support our wonderful parents during heavy Covid-19 lockdowns in 2020 are no longer available.

We offer Online Instructor-led lessons at a monthly/ quarterly fee of R200/ R500 respectively for an hour per week.


Please register here for a weekday or Sunday lesson.


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Weekdays & Sundays:

Our Robotics lessons introduce young ones between the ages of 7 and 16 to the adventurous worlds of Engineering and Computer Science using LEGO products.

Learners will use gears, axles, motors, and sensors to build robots that move and coded to understand their environment in amazing ways.

We offer instructor-led live Robotics training courses that demonstrate through interactive hands-on practice the basics and advanced concepts of Robotics.

Our onsite or school lessons are planned to resume after Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted by the South African Department of Education.


Our Instructor-led Online training focuses on the Introduction to Robotics. Depending on how fast the learners grasp basic concepts, devices will be offered on a rental basis for use at home for the hands-on interactive lessons. 

Fees for Online Lessons:

-  R300 p.p monthly for an hour per week.

- R800 p.p. quarterly for an hour per week.

Please register here for a weekday or Sunday lesson.

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Computer Literacy & Tutoring

Covid-19 has brought us so many changes, and some of those include:

- Our learners could not complete the 2020 school curriculum,

- Our teachers are expected to be computer literate - to prepare, communicate, and conducted online learning plans using computer-related tools that they have never seen, nor needed to use before.


AYI has decided to support communities by offering online Tutorial Lessons to help students catch-up with the CAPS curriculum and Computer Literacy Training to help our teachers secure their employment or employability.


You will be trained by experienced facilitators via Zoom, so you will not be alone.

Fees for online lessons:

 - R1500 p.p for the 3 month period

 - R1425 p.p. for a group of 5 (includes a 5% discount)

Register with us here, and we will hand-hold you through the lessons! 


Train to code with Scratch and Minecraft.  An exciting way to learn coding through play!  Coding has been proven to improve IQ, enhance problem-solving skills and encourage a persevering attitude in learners.  No doubt your child would benefit from this important skill. 

Expected output includes; foundation skills on game app development, training of computational thinking, improvement on planning skills (strategy & logical thinking), and developing the quality of perseverance while creating or solving a code. For pricing and times click here!

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This exciting learning activity offers pupils an opportunity to build their own robot using LEGO Mindstorm EV3, WeDo 2.0 and Simple Machines.  They will then use a computer with the accompanying software to program their robot! Robotics helps children learn how to use their imagination to solve everyday life problems.

 What a sense of accomplishment is felt when one creates something, tests it, and watches it advancing in motion - performing as instructed!  This is how most of our learners feel upon completing their own robots. 

Tutorials and Computer Literacy

Although these are not our core focus, we realize that some of our learners are in need of tutoring service.  So, our qualified tutors are available to support your child on the STEAM subjects of Maths and Science. 

We also offer Computer Literacy Training to support teachers to better enhance their skills in this great proffession. 

Register with us here.

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Tutorial Lessons Pic - 31Jan21.JPG
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