What We Do

We introduce 5 - 16-year-olds to the adventurous fields of Engineering and Technology through Robotics and Coding in Africa. 


Our Coding lessons are offered with a block-based visual programming language. Learners can design and develop their own interactive stories, games, shows, and animations using code on different online platforms - including SCRATCH.


Students learn computational thinking and concepts such as Debugging (problem-solving skills), Algorithm (logical thinking), Variables and Operators (Mathematical concepts), and many more skills including Design thinking and collaboration.

Our free online lessons offered during Covid-19 lockdowns in 2020 are now being reviewed.  For now, we run programs at schools.


We offer instructor-led live Robotics training courses that demonstrate through interactive hands-on practice tat introduce learners to Engineering and Technology concepts through Lego Robotics.

Students learn much more than building blocks, connecting motors, sensors, gears, building attachements, and programming robots for navigation and mission executions. 

We help our students to develop 21st Century skills of critical thinking, effective communication, purpose-driven collaborations, creative thinking, and problem-solving

We create environments that nurture the development of Gracious Proffessionalism.

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Digital Literacy

Following the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on many people including teachers and youth, AYI decided to offer  Computer Literacy Training to teachers in public schools in South Africa and around the continent via ZOOM, to empower them in their roles as knowledge creation/ transfer facilitators.  

We also support public libraries in providing digital literacy training to their patrons.