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Maintaining mental health during learning

Dear moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grans,

Well done to you for the support you’ve provided this week to your young one(s)! We are so proud of you, and we hope you too appreciate your own efforts.

The week is ending, and as much as we have been proving our own agility - transforming into avid home school teachers, supporting our most ‘treasured gifts’; we would also like to ensure that mental health and balance are maintained. Note below a picture with practical tips to consider as you continue to help your babas in shunning the snare of idleness and keeping their ‘think tanks’ maintained while at home.

During our coding classes in the last term we touched briefly on game application development. Observing how intrigued and excited our young innovators were about their own abilities to create something, test it and show it off to their classmates was refreshing to our coding facilitators. For this reason, we encourage you to leverage on your babas’ passions and interests to engage their intelligence in doing something they enjoy. Some of our young visual thinkers have passions in game app development, video editing, entrepreneurship, website development, etc – please nurture those passions using free online resources. We will touch on some of these passions with you next week.

Be inspired by a story of a dad to a 4 year old game application developer here and consider Kodu Game Lab tool for your baba’s own. For those older than 12 yrs and with basic coding skills, you may try Harvard University’s free online game development tools here.

Today’s links for CAPS aligned online lessons can be found on this link.

Our school learners should please continue their basic learning on the digital platforms we shared previously, i.e. ZA Department of Basic Education, the Khan Academy and Audio books.

Warm Regards from,

Coding and Robotics for children and youth.

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