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Free 30 minutes online coding lessons: 29 April & 1 May 2020

26 April 2020

We hope you had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to the new week with all its adventures😊.

We miss our coding and robotics learners so much! However, we are hopeful that when the time is right – we will see them again. Thankfully, some of them were able to join us for our online coding last week. And, we hope more of them will join us next week.

Please note that the media briefing by the Ministers of Education has been postponed to later in the week, i.e. it is no longer taking place on Apr 27th as per an earlier notice. Be sure to keep an eye on that briefing as it is expected to shed some light on the phased reopening of schools.

Meanwhile, we continue with our 30-minute free online coding lessons as per dates noted below. Be sure to register your bambino on our website. Details regarding the Zoom connection details will be shared with those confirmed.

Look out for next week’s CAPS aligned online lessons at this link. Additional learning platforms: ZA Department of Basic Education, the Khan Academy and Audio books.

Warm Regards,

Coding and Robotics for children and youth.

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