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We are a non-profit company based in Cape Town. We are on an exciting mission to 'ignite young minds', by giving children and youth between the ages of 5 and 16 opportunities to use their inborn intelligence to create, innovate and inspire with the skills of Coding and Robotics.

As a non-profit organization, we are focused on tapping into the unlocked potential of Africa's future Leaders primarily in STEM-related fields. We strive to not only educate but to implement inclusivity and open up a pathway of opportunities for the youth and women across Africa through digital and tech skills.

Our Story

Our Vision

To develop a new generation of ‘African Think Tanks’ - equipped with critical 'skills of the future' for advancing innovation as a tool to solve the continent's employment and environmental challenges through tech.

Our Focus

Young people from marginalized

(rural and urban ) communities in South Africa.


Girls from public schools between the ages of 11 and 18 years


Our Values

Our learners are central to our strategy formulation and implementation.  We are inclusive of our stakeholders' views and opinions.

We are agile towards change, and we believe growth and learning are synonymous.

We are pro-active in our approach, and conduct our activities with openness, gracious professionalism, and integrity.

Our Uniqueness

Our passion pushes us out of our comfort zone, to areas where young intelligent minds delayed to be ignited awaits in forgotten neighborhoods of South Africa. We care.


 We understand that technology can be intimidating, so we operate with empathy.

We thrive through  structure.

We are known by our stakeholders for showing up at every project.

Meet The Team

Our Collaborators

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