Our Vision

To create a new generation of ‘African Think Tanks’ - equipped with critical 'skills of the future' for advancing innovation as a tool to solve the continent's social challenges in a highly globalised environment.

To develop job-creators - children entrepreneurs within the ICT sector.

To encourage critical thinking in children and youth, and to promote a more natural way of learning, i.e. learning through play - with robotics and coding.

Our Focus

Our focus is on young people from elementary to high school . We would like to see see an empowered young Africans - ignited with unconstrained vision of, and dreams about what is achievable and within their reach on a global platform using the skills obtained from coding and robotics.

Our Values

Our learners are central to our strategy formulation and implementation.  We are inclusive of their views and opinions.

We are agile towards change, and we believe growth and learning are synonymous.

We are pro-active in our approach, and conduct our activities with openness and integrity.


In these values we are grounded and guided on skills development in digital literacy - coding and robotics.

Our Uniqueness

We are not driven by profits - by virtue of being a registered Non-Profit Company.  Our passion push us out of our comfort zone, to areas where young intelligent minds delayed to be ignited awaits in forgotten neighborhoods of South Africa.


We are here for those in the periphery of digital  skills development in South Africa.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Founder and ED.


An edutech enthusiast with passion for robotics and coding training for kids. 

Having conceived the idea of establishing an innovation hub for the children and youth in Cape Town since 2015.  And, observing the rapid pace of technological changes around her, and witnessing first hand the positive impact of robotics and coding training on kids through her own children who started exploring the adventurous world of coding at a young age.

It became evident from then on that the existing gab between access to innovative learning opportunities and the inborn talent of every kid must be bridged.

With extensive experience in business administration and management, Emma's vision is to foster a learning environment that ignites growing minds in the field of coding and robotics.  Apart from overseeing the administrative, regulatory, stakeholder engagements, she enjoys being hands on, delivering both robotics and coding training to AYI's patrons 

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Head of Robotics


A vibrant and intelligent Physiology and Genetics Stellenbosch University graduate; Dee as she is affectionately known, holds extensive experience in working with children and youth as a university and school tutor with high performance levels for both university and school students.


As head of Learning & Development for AYI4ir, Dee plans to use her extensive experience as a robotics facilitator to deliver learning that, not only ensure the learners can fully comprehend the concepts, but to prepare them for global competitions in coding and robotics.

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 Head of Robotics

Tony heads our Robotics Innovation and Design team. With a university degree in Mechatronics, a workshop manager at a Cape Town robotics handling firm, and  years of experience as a Robotics training facilitator for children and youth - Tony is unleashing great ideas  to empower tomorrow's aspiring roboticists  at AYI.

Tony also has some long term plans of transferring his 3D design and printing skills to our learners.  He believes that early childhood education in the field of Coding and Robotics set a critical foundation for our future innovators to be able to participate in a global labour and business market as employers or consultants.

Head of Finance

Lulu is a Professional Accountant (SA) and Tax Practitioner (SA) through SAIPA. As AYI's Head of Finance, Lulu comes with extensive skills, vast knowledge, and Accounting experience that will ensure our financials are organized, and comply with the regulatory requirements. She comes with a decade of experience from international FMCG. 

Lulu studied an MBA at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business (UCT GSB), over and above that she holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Accounting (UNISA), a Post Graduate Diploma in Management Practice (UCT GSB) and a BCom in Financial Accounting (UCT).

Project Leader

“You don’t get what you wish for, you get what you work for” - a quote that Natasha (an Information Systems major at the University of Western Cape), lives by.   

Natasha is AYI's creative mind, with passion for art and all things tech.  She is a writer, and a last year university student.

Natasha is responsible for communications, creative design, and marketing at AYI.  She also leads the Digital Literacy section of our NPO.  

Her personable, active-orientated attitude makes her a valuable member of our team.  She is a consistent and an engaged collaborator at AYI.

Meet The Team